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Road Trip Iraq: Kurdistan’s GORGEOUS Hamilton Road!

Picture this. You’ve rented a car and you’re going for a little joyride in northern Iraq. You pass the turn off for Saladin’s Fortress, which, these days, finds itself surrounded by land mines. And then you turn onto one of Iraqi Kurdistan‘s premiere sights…the Hamilton Road. Right about now you’re probably thinking…I drove all this way for a road? But […]

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Moose, Ho! Ontario’s Algonquin Park by Canoe

“I’ll drive ahead and keep an eye peeled for moose,” we were told. Moose? How exciting! I mean, what could be more Canadian than that? How about the fact that we were venturing right into Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario’s Explorers’ Edge region to partake in the premiere activity that the park is known for… Canoeing! […]

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Happy Typhoon Day, Hong Kong!

It began as a joke. “We should be drinking at the Four Seasons right now!” Never mind that Hong Kong was in the midst of a “Typhoon 8” Signal, with “Super Typhoon” Usagi bearing down upon the city. This was what the Hong Kong Observatory (the government’s weather forecasting arm) declared to be the biggest […]

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The Endangered City of Hasankeyf

What’s Turkey’s most incredible sight that most people have never heard of?  A wonderful little gem called Hasankeyf, that every visitor to Turkey’s Southeast should put on their map right now! Don’t worry, I’ll wait here while you do it…. See, I’d never heard of Hasankeyf either until I found myself looking for CouchSurfing hosts […]

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An Ode to the Mandi

Oh mandi. I don’t have words to express just how brilliant a creation you are. For the fact that you are so very simple and so very useful is just where your ingenuity starts to come in. You are, for folks with limited indoor plumbing, a saving grace. You are…a bucket. To Flush Many westerners freak […]

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How to Cross from Turkey to Iraq by Bus

If you’re planning on traveling overland from Turkey to Iraq‘s northern Kurdistan Region (Iraqi Kurdistan), I’ve got news for you! The days of being forced to use the taxi mafia to get across the border are over! Instead, you can travel across the border in style on a comfortable Turkish bus! How does it work? Get Yourself to […]

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Photo Essay: Inside Enigmatic Ani

I’m fairly loose with my travel planning, but when I stopped by the bookstore before going to Turkey, a was flipping through a guidebook and saw this photo: So strange. Just a wall, sitting there in a field of debris. I knew I had to make to make it there. So I made my way to […]

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An Open Letter to Singapore

Dear Singapore, I have a confession to make. I never wanted to like you. Heck, I never even wanted to visit you! To me, you were always just some big, Western-style, static city at the tip of Southeast Asia. I thought you were a police state and that your famous ban on chewing gum was […]