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The Bhutan Visa Myth

Ah, Bhutan. Its mere name evokes visions of a far-off “Shangri-La.” A Himalayan kingdom steeped in customs, where traditional dress is the norm and mystical rituals are alive and well. A land where monasteries are perched on cliffs and the King might just come up and shake your hand. Ever since my family and I […]

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Phallus Alert: Fertility Blessings in Bhutan!

“Love” is in the air. Or so you may think the first time you hear the phrase, “Phallus alert!” If you’re planning on visiting Bhutan, undoubtedly one of the last true “Shangri-La’s” left on Earth, you should expect to hear this phrase on a regular basis. Don’t worry…you won’t see people walking around naked. But […]

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Tiger’s Nest

There is one picture that is immediately identifiable with Bhutan. A Buddhist temple perched on the edge of a sheer cliff. This is the Taktsang Monastary, more commonly known as the “Tiger’s Nest.” It is the holiest site in Bhutan and a place of pilgrimage for many Mahayana Buddhists, as well as a must on […]

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Whatcha Takin About?

Would you believe me if I told you I had spotted the most bizarre creature in the world? Bhutan is a wonderful country for spotting rare and endangered wildlife. We had already seen plenty of bird and monkey species throughout our trip, but had yet to spot Bhutan’s national animal, a unique creature called the […]

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Let’s Talk Fertility

One of the more bizarre things you see in Bhutan is a whole lot of phallus. I don’t mean real phalluses, but painted phalluses which are painted on the sides of houses. Sometimes you even see them marker-ed on to something or even painted onto a planter! Many are wrapped with a ribbon and yes, some […]

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During our days in Bhumtang, Bhutan, Sither, our guide, thought it might be interesting for us to visit a local monastery which housed hundreds of young monks studying their Buddhist scriptures. Every afternoon, they study by having a public “debate” on scriptural issues. Monks debating in a language I couldn’t understand? Sounded interesting enough! As […]

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Life Cycle

It began as an overcast day, perhaps an indication of the deeds to be done. This was the day where my family and I would do the one thing we came to Bhutan to do. This entire trip, especially the Bhutan section, is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother, who had previously traveled to […]

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