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Feeding a Giraffe at Nairboi's Giraffe Center!

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Hello World (Again)

Well hello there! It sure has been a while… You haven’t heard from me in something like 15 months. And for that, I owe you an explanation: The last time I published on this site was in November 2015, where I told you about my time in Dubai. I even left you with a bit […]

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About the Last Few Months (or, I’m Back!)

You ever get those moments where you feel like taking a break? Those moments where, try as you might, you can’t seem to get anything accomplished? Yeah, that’s been me the past few months, which is exactly why things have been a bit quiet around here lately. Fear not! I have not disappeared off the […]

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Happy Blogiversary to Me, x4!

It’s February 15, so you know what that means? Yes, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day (or “Single Awareness Day,” as some like to call it). Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? I spent mine…working! No, February 15 is the day that this little blog of mine turns 4! I remember it like it […]

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Blogiversary: 3rd Edition!

You know, it’s on days like this that I just can’t believe how fast time passes. A year ago today, I sat in my apartment in New York City, one of the few weeks I’d spend at home in 2012. Today, I sit in an apartment in beautiful (and warm!) Florida, only the latest in […]

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7 Epic Travel Experiences of 2012

1 year, 8 countries. 9 U.S. States, plus the District of Columbia. 31 flight segments. 2012 certainly has been the “Year of Travel” for me! I spent 165 days away from home in 2012, spending nearly 6 months on the road as I traversed over 40,000 miles (or 70,000 km)! Let’s take a look at […]

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Awesome Photography: My 7 Super Shots!

Lately there’s been another one of those blogger community things going around that allows us to share more about ourselves with our readers. You may remember some of the past ones I’ve done, like 7 of My Most Awesome Adventures and Get to Know Me Through My ABC’s of Travel. This time, the focus is on […]

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Another Year… Another Blogiversary!

Time just flies, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that a whole 2 years have passed since I launched the “primetime” version of my little site here! This day marks that anniversary and it’s fascinating to look back over the years and see just how far things have come since then! It was February 15, […]

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Get to Know Me Through My ABC’s of Travel

Guess what? I’ve been tagged in another one of those fun little games that’s been working its way through the travel blogosphere! This one works its way through the alphabet, posing questions about my travels. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit better! I was tagged for it by Ali of Ali’s Adventures. My […]

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