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Hiking Petra: How To Experience the Best of the “Rose-Red City”

What pops into your head when you hear the word Petra? The “Rose-Red City?” Perhaps a certain building that was featured in “Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade?” That’s the Treasury (also called Al-Khazneh), a jaw dropping sight. You get the first glimpses as you emerge from the seemingly never-ending Siq, a sort of canyon […]

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Leaving Egypt: The Day I Thought I Might Get Kidnapped

“Where you go? Nuweiba?,” the man asked. “No, Taba,” I replied from the back of the jeep that had ferried me from my beachside hotel to the bus station. “Taba, 250 pounds,” he said. I balked. “Okay, 180 pounds.” I balked again. “I go to Nuweiba anyway and I take you there for 50 Egyptian […]

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8 Tips for Floating in the Dead Sea

Ever wanted to float around and read a newspaper? I mean without a floatation device. You know, like those famous images…like this? Photo Credit Why, to do that, you’d have to be in the Dead Sea! I mean, who wouldn’t want to just lie back in water with absolutely nothing to catch you and just […]