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Tombs & Castles in Amasya, Turkey

3km to town. That’s less than 2 miles. I could walk that for sure. After all, I’d just spent the past 10 hours on an overnight bus so the concept of sitting in another vehicle to drive me that short distance was not terribly appealing. The scenery around was new to me. After all, I’d […]

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So What’s it Like to Travel in Iraq?

I don’t think I’d ever been quite so excited to cross a bridge. Here I was, literally in no-mans land, the space between border crossings, and up ahead lay grand mountains. Behind me? Turkey. Finally, the bus passed a sign: “Welcome to Iraqi Kurdistan.” This was the moment my whole trip was designed for. The […]

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To Istanbul, With Love

Dear Istanbul, I have a confession to make. I think I’m in love with you… See, I didn’t mean it to happen this way. I was just going to spend 3 days visiting you, the perfect introduction to my time in Turkey, before setting off to explore the country which you used to rule over in […]

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