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Reflections on Leaving Home

You want to know something funny? I’ve talked a lot on this blog about the lack of a meaning of “home” for me. I even contributed my take on what home is for an art project last year, declaring that “home,” for me, was on the road. After all, home is tough to define. I […]

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Reflections on 5 Years in New York City

The train was late. Very late, an unusual occurrence for the morning rush. But still it came. And then a glitch down the line resulted in my taking 4 different subway lines to try and get to work, a process that took 20 minutes longer than usual! Oh, MTA… As I made my last transfer at […]

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Celebrating Life and Travel Heroism

It was a crisp, clear morning. A cool breeze was blowing as the piercing blue of the sky was punctuated by fluffy white clouds. An elder man in red and saffron robes led us down a rocky riverbed to a spot where the river water circulated in an unusual counter-clockwise motion, a significant direction thought […]

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“We’re Getting Married Tomorrow…At a (Thai) Buddhist Temple”

Imagine if one day your parents turned to you and said: “We’re getting married tomorrow…at a Buddhist temple.” Now imagine that you’re in Thailand when they said that… Welcome to my life! Let me explain…my parents have always been a wee bit non traditional. That resulted in quite a unique upbringing for myself, going way […]