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Say What?? “No Loitering”

Welcome to Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton), a thriving metropolis in China’s Southern Guangdong province. This lovely message welcomes you to town as it’s featured in the entryway to the Metro. And of all the stops, it just happens to be the one that serves the train station and four of the town’s bus stations! […]

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Say What?? Duty Free

Hong Kong has proper English sign-age, right? After all, they were a British colony for some 150 years! And to a large extent that’s true…except for this glaring mistake in word order which marked my first exposure to the infamous “Chinglish!” And the best part? This was at Hung Hom Station, Hong Kong’s intercity rail […]

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Say What??

One of the true joys of traveling in a foreign country are those English signs that kind of make you say, “What??” You know the type…things that really don’t make a whole lot of sense in English or even some that do, but make you chuckle. A lot has been written about these signs lately, […]

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