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Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

It seems like there’s insurance for everything these days! I met someone at a CouchSurfing event on Thursday who worked for a company the insured insurance companies! So, it’s only fitting that insurance has found it’s way to the travel industry. You’ve probably seen travel insurance offers before. Nearly every flight booking site offers you […]

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Booking Cheap Flights

Anyone who’s looked at airplane tickets with a budget eye knows how maddening it can be. Take it from me, the latest in a long line of frugals, waiting to see if that airfare drops another cent can be agonizing. I definitely lost a few nights of sleep obsessing about when that airfare would drop […]

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In Search of Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles aren’t just about flying anymore! If you can never rack up enough miles for a free ticket because your miles keep expiring, read on! Many airline mileage programs will let you keep your miles if theres some sort of activity on your account, but that doesn’t have to be flying! While many […]

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