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Is There a Pilot Onboard?

What would you do if you were sitting on a plane, the door was closed, the flight attendants had announced to turn off your cell phones and then you hear, “Ummm….we have no pilot?” That is precisely what my fellow passengers on United Airlines flight 779 heard on June 19th, shortly before they were asked […]

Photos Say What??

Say What?? Travel Photo: Airplane Food

Greetings from 35,000 feet. As I sit here enjoying the free WiFi on Virgin America (thanks to Google Chrome) I knew just the picture I had to feature today! I took one flight within China and it was from Kunming to Shanghai on Shanghai Airlines. Much like any airlines outside the U.S., we were provided […]

Asia 2010 South Korea

Homeward Bound

2 hours of sleep. That’s all I had gotten before what would become one of the longest single days of my life. The lack of sleep was definitely not my choice, as a key snafu kept me up till 3:30am and I needed to head to the airport for my flight home at 5:30am. Thus […]