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Say What?? Travel Photo: Closed

Throughout Southeast Asia there is one ubiquitous sign that can be spotted nearly everywhere: No, not “Lao Food” (though this photo is from the Lao capital of Vientiane). “Close.” That’s not to say that you are close to the restaurant. No, no. The restaurant is Closed. This can’t solely be blamed on some translation faux […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Garden

See this sunset? It is by far one of the most lasting images from my time at Laos‘ simply divine Si Phan Don or 4,000 Islands. From spending the day lounging around in a hammock on the Mekong River to renting a bicycle for some exploring, life at the bottom of Laos is just incredibly […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Ticket Sales

In Laos‘ “Deep South” lies a collection of stone structures and steps that rise up a hill. Structures of the Khmer era, most famous for the archeological sites surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia, with its crown jewel, Angkor Wat. The good folks at UNESCO saw the need to deem the Lao equivalent a World Heritage Site, […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Monument

In the middle of Vientiane (pronounced Wi-eng Chan), the capital of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (more commonly known as Laos), sits this bizarre monument: That is Patuxay, a victory monument that was constructed in the 1960’s with cement that was supposedly intended for an airport (according to Lonely Planet). But it’s construction was interrupted […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Internet

Picture, if you will, a town packed to the brim with backpackers who come to get trashed. A town that long ago lost its soul and solely relies on pandering to the foreigners’ every need, even going so far as to rocket their tubing to fabled status thanks to the additions of bars! This is […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Tour

Move over Mexico, with your fancy minivan “Colectivos.” There’s a new mode of transportation around and it’s that ubiquitous symbol of Southeast Asia, the songthaew (pronounced sowng-taow). The name quite literally means “two rows,” named for the two rows of benches that are set in the back of a pick-up truck for passenger seating. In […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: The End of Laos

At the southern tip of Laos lie the truly blissful Si Phan Don (literally 4,000 islands), named for the thousands of little sand bars that appear once mighty Mekong River recedes in the dry season. When I say southern tip, I mean that Cambodia is quite literally a stone’s throw away! During my days on […]

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