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Exploring the Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo. It’s a word that I find to be rather amusing. Say it with me… “Hoo-doo.” Hilarious, right? If you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up, it’s because you’ll hear this word a lot if you visit Bryce Canyon National Park in the U.S. state of Utah. A mere 2 hours from Zion’s East Entrance, […]

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Hiking Angels Landing (VIDEO)

Angels Landing. A mere mention of its name puts a twinkle in a hiker’s eye. It’s Zion National Park’s most famous hike, renowned for its dramatic location, jutting up in the middle of Zion Canyon, its views and the lore of its name. Almost one hundred years ago, a minister remarked that only an angel […]

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What the Heck is a “Census-Designated Place?”

I’ve just returned from this year’s TBEX Conference (Travel Blog Exchange) in spectacular little town called Keystone, Colorado. Did I say town? I didn’t exactly mean that… See, Keystone isn’t a real town. It’s merely just a resort (and a fantastic one at that) surrounded by the immense natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. It […]

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2010’s Weirdest Travel Experiences

2010 was quite the travel year for me! 8 countries, 10 U.S. states, 37 bus journeys, 16 flights and 2 train rides. Somewhere in those figures are a whole lot of weird experiences. Here are some of my favorites: The Temple of the Divine Madman A walk through Bhutan’s “Village of Phalluses” gives way to […]

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6 Great Free Things to See in Salt Lake City

6 Great Free Things to See in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City isn’t the first place that comes to mind as a tourist destination and people’s pre-conceived notions of the city really don’t help.When I remarked on Facebook that I was in town, a friend commented, “I’m so sorry,” only the latest in a bit of flack I got surrounding my recent trip there. […]

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Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a rather unlikely tourist destination. Aside from being the capital of the U.S. state of Utah, its claims to fame are being the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics and its role as the seat of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church. […]

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5 Great Things to Explore Outside Las Vegas

Ah, Las Vegas…the “adult version of Disneyland,” a fantasy playground for adults to partake in all those guilty pleasures in life. Unfortunately, most visitors to “Sin City” don’t venture beyond the Strip, a 4.2 mile stretch of Las Vegas Blvd lined with mega resorts, to explore the wonders that await out in the Mojave Desert. […]

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