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Traveling Light

“Pack Light.” It’s a statement that’s constantly banged into our brains! But do we listen? Not always! I know what you’re probably thinking… “But I do pack light!” And it’s true, packing light is completely open to intrpretation and needs. But I’d be willing to bet that even with your version of “packing light,” you […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Wholesome Toys

China is a nice, wholesome, family oriented society, right? I’d venture to say that they have the world’s largest number of spoiled brats, considering the exceptional number of sibling-less children. What I definitely picked up on during my collective two months in the “middle kingdom” was that sex is a taboo subject. Case in point, the […]

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Say What??–Rest Stop?

Humorous signs on the road are not always nonsensical. Sometimes their mere usage makes you scratch your head! Case in point: this restaurant named “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles.” Being such a hot tourist destination, Lijiang is stuffed to the gills with shops and restaurants that are nearly indistinguishible from one another. As such, […]

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Say What??

One of the true joys of traveling in a foreign country are those English signs that kind of make you say, “What??” You know the type…things that really don’t make a whole lot of sense in English or even some that do, but make you chuckle. A lot has been written about these signs lately, […]

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China Wrap-Up: Part II

Behold the “Middle Kingdom.” Zhongguou, more commonly known by its English name of China, is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with in the world. And now that I’ve had a few weeks to digest my second visit to the world’s most populous nation, I’m ready to write Part II of my wrap-up. In Part […]

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Homeward Bound

2 hours of sleep. That’s all I had gotten before what would become one of the longest single days of my life. The lack of sleep was definitely not my choice, as a key snafu kept me up till 3:30am and I needed to head to the airport for my flight home at 5:30am. Thus […]

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