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How to Design an Airport

Dear Airport Designers, I respect the work you do. Really, I do. Airports are complicated places that have to serve a multitude of needs. Getting passengers on and off planes. Immigration. Baggage facilities. It’s tough work, I’m sure. But you could really stand to learn a thing or two from Asia… Yes, Asia is putting […]

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The Ongoing Thai Political Crisis

Picture, if you will, throngs of anti-government protesters blockading roads, storming parliaments, blocking airports and setting fire to shopping malls. These are some of the images that have come out of Bangkok in the past few years. A mere six months ago, the headlines screamed that the Thai army had forcibly removed the “Red Shirts,” […]

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City of Angels, City of Life

Bangkok is a great city. I’ll just go right out and say that. I know that sounds like quite a statement to make, but I’m not the only one who thinks so! Practically my entire family agrees! This place can be amazingly overwhelming (even more so than New York) but it’s just brimming with character […]

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A Metropolis Awakens: Bangkok at Sunrise

I’ve got to be honest with you. I am almost never up and about at 4:30am. But here I was, standing in Krungthep’s (Bangkok’s) Hualamphong Station at that ungodly hour! It was too early to find a hotel room for the coming night and too early for Bangkok’s public transit system to be up and […]

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Border Crossing #2

After nearly two weeks of mostly doing things the “tourist” way in Laos, I was determined to get myself to Thailand the “real” way. There were plenty of opportunities in Pakse for VIP buses that went all the way to Bangkok, but I wanted nothing of that. My plan? Catch local transport to the Thai-Lao […]

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