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Say What?? Travel Photo: Bhutan Toilet Etiquette

Behold the grandeur of Punakha Dzong!

Punakha Dzong

Inside this massive former fortress lies a seat of local power in Bhutan. But those government officials don’t have the whole place to themselves! No, no.

Like all Dzong’s in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, this is not only a civic center but a monastery as well. In fact, stepping inside, it’s hard to miss all the young, novice monks running around (or gazing off into space…)!

Pensive Monk

But, you know, I’m sure some of those kids need a reminder here and there on just how to use a squat toilet and the importance of washing ones hands afterwards…

Squat Toilet Instructions

And, you know, sometimes kids, even if they are monks, can get a little unruly in the bathroom. And that is why I suppose you need this sign. I mean, boys will be boys, right?

"To keep our Dzong clean and make good offering, all the reverent visitors are requested not to urinate inside the bathroom."

But no urinating inside the bathroom?? That seems a bit harsh, don’t you think?

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Yes, perhaps you’re right. The pictures of monks washing their hands and cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom is far too confusing for foreigners. An even more confusing sign is the perfect answer!

Hehehe. Yes…all squat toilets should come with detailed instructions on their use!

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